Christi Denton

sound artist

Upcoming: LIGHT WASH is an immersive audio-visual installation by Jesse Mejia showing at composition gallery (NW 6th and Everett, Portland, OR) in November. More information here.
Nov 28 (7-10pm): 6 sound artists will present short audio-visual performances utilizing the installation as their instrument. Each artist will be given the same limited toolset and will develop work and perform by communicating with the installation over WiFi using OSC (Open Sound Control). Performers: Jesse Mejia in collaboration with Lucy Yim // Christi Denton // Edward Sharp in collaboration with a special guest // Jason Plumb // Alex Norman // Charles Buckingham

Christi Denton is a Portland based composer and sound installation artist who works with found sounds, electronics, and homemade and modified instruments. She has a degree in Music Composition from Mills College and a graduate certificate from the Centre de Creation Musicale Iannis Xenakis (France).

Christi has built giant chimes as part of the Music for People & Thingamajigs Festival and amplified exhibits in the Exploratorium. She played at the Spark Festival and has been featured on Her music is part of the exhibit Six Seconds Around Me in the Casoria Contemporary Art Museum in Italy. In 2011 and 2012, her work was featured in collaborative performances for Ten Tiny Dances at the Time Based Art Festival in Portland, where dancers controlled music through light and flex sensors. She competed in the 2012 Guthman Instrument Competition, was in residency at Caldera in 2014, and has played in every Electrogals festival since 1995.