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July 21 and 22nd: Unity Gain: VOL 1: A Joint Exhibition of Sonic and VR Art by Open Signal, Portland Community Media Center. Created as a resource for artists and students in our community to publicly experiment with 3-dimensional audio spatialization, Unity Gain allows composers to present work in ways not possible on conventional systems. “Unity Gain: VOL 1” will be the first showcase of this system. At this event, Unity Gain will be configured as an ambisonic half-dome of speakers encompassing audiences in Open Signal’s Studio A for two days, within which eight selected regional artists will present an intriguing array of multi-channel audio compositions and performances.

Featured artists include Arun Chandra (WA), Christi Denton (PDX), Ben Glas (PDX), Burke Jam (PDX), Seth Nehil (PDX), sidony o’neal (PDX), Chloe Alexandra Thompson (PDX) and Jon Leidecker (SF)

More Upcoming Shows:

October 5th: Installation at Thru Media Art Gallery as part of Portland First Thursdays.
January 20th: Extradition Series, playing pieces by Stefan Thut and Patrick Farmer
February 1: Playing with Heather Perkins as part of Sounds et al's First Thursday series at the Ace Hotel